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S.A.W.W  Level Two (8 hour course)



Review Information Covered In Level One & Q/A  

Reducing Down Time

  • Daily maintenance

  • Hands on chainsaw filing

Learning How to Take Information from the Tree

  • Introduction to the Pro sight (Measuring the height of the tree)

  • Segments and lean calulation

Precision Felling Assessment

  • Determining lean, weight distribution, and limitations

Introduction to Precision at the Stump

  • Introduction to wedging

  • Proper notching

  • Necessary hinge

  • Species differences

  • Terrain


Practice Felling Trees

  • Different species and size

Review of Training and Q&A


Level one is a pre-requisite to attending this training

Level 2 provides a focus on applying basic maintenance techniques to achieve maximum chainsaw performance such as filing techniques and carburetor adjustments. More Felling techniques and assessments are practiced and limbing and bucking techniques are introduced.


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