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 Hands-on Chainsaw Safety Training 

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and more


Cutting down on chainsaw related injuries is easy. 

 Changing the attitude on safety

is the challenge.


Forest Safety Instruction 


 A business committed to help reduce the amount of chainsaw related injuries. Teaching chainsaw safety using interactive teaching techniques and strategies with a hands-on approach.  Most of us learn by doing the task, all the classes enforce that training. After completing  these classes, you should have a new attitude on safety, new skills, new information to work smarter and safer. 


 Did You Know


Improper chainsaw use can lead to serious injury and even death. Each year, hospital emergency rooms see approximately 30,000 catastrophic injuries from chainsaws. The most frequent chainsaw injuries occur to the left leg and the back of the left hand. These injuries are usually related to kickback and losing control of the saw. Learning about chainsaw accident and injury risk reduction techniques can help you to avoid becoming a statistic.
























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