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Training weekends to serve you and your organizations better

                              S.A.W.W Level One (8 hour course)




OSHA Standard 1910.266

  • Regulation and requirements and how they pertain to your operation.

  • Hands-on OSHA application

Proper Body Mechanics

  • Body mechanics will be demonstrated and used throughout the day

 Personal Protective Equipment

  • What equipment is available

  • The importance and function of PPE

Chain Saw Safety Features

  • How to inspect the saw for damage

Intro to Hands-on Sharpening

  • Understanding the cutter and how it works

Information Before Felling and Cutting Begins

Reactive Forces and the Bore Cut

The Face Notch & The Hinge

Techniques for releasing limbs and spring poles under pressure.


Question and answer session



Level 1 provides confidence and safety, learning the chainsaws reactive forces, focusing on open face notching, including pre-planning the fell, bore cutting, 

 as well as understanding the hinge strength.


These programs can be adapted to address specific needs or concerns.



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