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Safety Attitudes


Whether you use the chainsaw as a professional or occasionally as a landowner or even as a volunteer 

you need to have a good safety attitude.




Bad Safety Attitude





Doing the same thing over and over and letting our guard down.


 Mad or upset:

Something at work or at home has happened, not focusing on the job.



Worn out from lack of sleep or overexertion also slowing down our reaction time, and we make bad decisions.


 Risk taker:

Trying to operate or work with equipment we're not trained on, trying to take short cuts.



Thinking safety rule are not important , rules don't apply to me, in too big of a rush.



Thinking no one else is affected by my actions.


Being careless:

Leaving things laying around, not caring about the hazards around us.


Good safety Attitude



Paying attention to safety and following the rules.


Being Alert:

 Things that don't feel right, anything that could go wrong.


Being careful:

Taking precautions, and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).



Keeping focused on the job at hand.


Not working alone:

Working together, never working alone, keeping at safe distance from

 one another.


 Take safety seriously:


Please look at the hands-on training we have to offer. Also other information on this site, visit us often for new information. 

  Thank you and work safe. 



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