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Thank you for choosing Forest Safety Instruction for all of your chainsaw safety training needs.


About the Instructor


Growing up in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, Nathan Stanford has learned about the vital resources around him.  He’s enjoyed being a part of adult education for chainsaw training to help individuals and organizations manage their trees safely.

Nathan Stanford has been involved in the chainsaw safety industry since 1995. With a background in industrial safety management, he’s had the privilege to effectively train thousands of people building confidence and skill in a systematic approach to safety through hands-on training.




Nathan constantly strives to be the best trainer for you and your organization. He has been working for well over a decade with the best leaders in the industry. Nathan is one of a few certified annually by a nonprofit training organization: Safety and Woods Worker (SAWW) Training.  He’s also recertified by the US Forest Service Region 8 and 9 every three years. Through the US Forest Service as a C-certifier, Nathan’s an authorized professional consultant.




Wild Rose Fire District



Yesterday we had Nathan Stanford, a professional chainsaw safety instructor, train us chainsaw safety for 8 hours. This training was one of the most valuable trainings I have ever taken. Not only did it benefit our Fire Department but also benefited our daily lives. If you have a chance take one of his classes. You learn different cuts, safe ways to fell a tree, chainsaw maintenance and much more.

Our highway ops manager passed along more positive feedback from the Patrol Workers.  They said that it was the best training they have gone through in a long time – very worthwhile.


Waukesha Co. Parks

Nathan - all I’ve received is awesome feedback on the quality of the training. Well done!!  


Thanks again!


Park Supervisor 

I have never picked up a chainsaw before in my life and have always been nervous around them. After taking Chainsaw Safety levels 1 and 2, I am WAY more confident about my abilities to handle a chainsaw and my knowledge about cutting a tree. These classes will be helpful to anyone, regardless of experience, that works with chainsaws. Nathan is a very patient and positive teacher and has a vast knowledge about these courses. He wants you to learn these safety precautions so much that he goes above and beyond teaching, he asks for feedback from a student's perspective as well. He has such confidence with handling chainsaws, which gave me confidence in myself handling chainsaws. These classes are very much worth your time and money. I have no complaints or regrets about these classes or the instructor. Thank you again Nathan for coming to UWRF!

If there were more than 5 stars I'd give it! So very thankful for what you did. Kistsi


Thank you for the training on  August first 2015,  in support of Ben's Eagle Scout Project. I've been training Soldiers for over 20 years in the Army and you are truly an outstanding trainer. Your ability to teach students with zero experience to over 30 years of experience in the same class was phenomenal. Everyone of us walked away with a great deal of knowledge from this class. If you ever need a reference or we can assist you in anyway please contact us.

thank you,


What was the most valuable aspect of the class:   The basic fundementals of [Safe tree felling] How to read a tree in order to drop it safely. The proper cutting concepts.


Additional comments:  This class is a must for EVERYBODY THAT PICKS UP A CHAINSAW, This was just the level one class, and I cannot believe how much of the safety I thought I knew was wrong. Nathan is an awesome trainer and makes sure everybody understands these technics. would love to go back and do the level two class. Thank you Jeff

Date of Training/Class Level9/26/15 class level One



What was the most valuable aspect of the class:   Learning proper technique in falling trees and technique that is much safer.


Additional comments:  Truly glad that I was able to take this course. The info seems like tons but it doesn't over load the brain and you can always ask a question or two if you don't was also delivered in a laymens form not to technical to confuse.

Date of Training/Class  LevelSept. 26 Level 1









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